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Scent NotesFloral blend of peony and gardenia blossoms with a faint touch of the iconic French crème brûlée.

Candle DetailsEach 10oz Black, matte vessel contains 7.5 ounces of wax and custom-blended fragrance, along with sleek wooden wicks. 70-80 hours of burn time each.

Why Paris?: Paris is known as the City of Light, but we’d call it the City of Love and Beauty. The architecture, the streets, the bridges, the trees, the gardens, the shops, the perfume and clothes and makeup, the food, the people. Being in Paris is like being confronted with beauty over and over and over again. When it comes to how that love and beauty intersects with the African Diaspora however, things get a bit more complex. For centuries, African Americans have flocked to Paris for acceptance they could only dream of experiencing in their home country. On the flip side however, the word “race” has been stripped from the French constitution, despite Paris (and France overall) being comprised of many cultures, particularly those from French-speaking Caribbean and African countries. These complexities and nuances represent why we included Paris in our Diaspora Collection. There are so many stories to be told, and so many dialogues to be had sparked by Paris, and all the city represents. 

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