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Get to know us.

Who We Are

We’re Tiffany, Dariel, and Elena--the family behind Bright Black. Our company uses scent as a medium and candles as a platform for sharing positive narratives about Blackness. We’re so grateful you’ve decided to come on this journey with us! Here’s a little bit about who we are. 

Tiffany is a lover of beautiful sensory experiences, arroz con gandules, the color pink, and deep connection. She’s played in many professional sandboxes including academia, philanthropy and federal public service, but still considers herself a social psychologist by heart.

Dariel is a Knicks fan, hip-hop head, connoisseur of independent film, and a proud descendent of a loving Jamaican family. He’s also a huge fan of comedy and can be found laughing at any point during the day.

Elena is a sweet, passionate, and head-strong toddler who loves singing, dancing (especially to Soca and Maracatu), eating blueberries, and the word “no!” Together, we’re excited to go on this scent odyssey with you, to learn from you, and to share radiant, Bright Blackness with you.


A world where the complexity, beauty, and brilliance of Blackness is widely known, recognized, embraced and celebrated.


To make and share high-quality candles that honor the Black Diaspora.


To run our business consciously, using a model that upholds the values of inter-being, cooperative economics, respect, and creativity.  

Evolution Of Bright Black

When starting our family business, we knew we wanted to do more than “just” sell candles. We wanted to bring about change and we wanted to help create a world where our daughter has access to positive representations of people who look like her. For us, and for so many like us, the Black Diaspora represents beauty, strength, joy, collectivism, and thriving. We’re using candles to share those positive representations. 

And why candles? Because across centuries, candles have been embraced as a gateway to connection, joy, spiritual growth and understanding. In short, candles speak deeply to our souls, something a meaningful dialogue around Blackness absolutely needs.

In many ways, we feel like our family was destined to start Bright Black. Dariel’s last name is Heron, a bird known to many cultures as the creator of light. Our daughter’s name means “the bright one,” and Tiffany’s name means “an illuminating discovery.” 

Our journey began five years ago when, upon dating, we discovered we both loved candles. What started out as a fun couples activity at the beginning of a new relationship, soon transformed into a hobby that yielded gifts for friends and family. Candlemaking was a peaceful activity for Dariel and the scent artistry became a creative outlet for Tiffany. Fast forward to the end of 2018, when dreaming of ways to create more freedom in our lives, and the candle company we imagined years before re-entered our minds. Tiffany wrote the Bright Black business plan and registered the business while furloughed during the government shutdown, and with that Bright Black had officially begun!

The road to a fully launched Bright Black candle company has been anything but easy. But finally, we’re here! And we’re overjoyed to be on this Bright Black adventure with you.